What’s Trending in Snacking … Pork Rinds!

There’s no doubt that snacking has changed. Southern Recipe Small Batch is proud to be part of a growing trend of different ingredients, healthier options and increased snacking flavor.

Can newbies stack up? Let’s find out!

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83% of consumers say they snack daily. That’s up 7% from 2014. So as a nation what are trying? Southern Recipe Small Batch wanted to find out.

  • Savory and Spicy. 38% of consumers said a new flavor launch to their snack brings them the most joy. 30% of people said spicy flavors are a big deciding factor for their purchase. Our Korean Kimchi BBQ rinds have that trend covered.
  • Better for You. 48% of consumers are looking for something healthier. 56% are concerned about ingredients. Who isn’t on a search for low-calorie and high protein snacking options? Uh, boom. Our Pineapple Ancho Chile is the one-two snacking punch that delivers on the better for you quest.
  • Don’t bug me. The least said about this snacking trend the better, but Pepsi Co. found that eating crickets (as in Jiminy) is of a growing interest. We think it’s probably more of a fad and hope it never reaches mainstream status. If you’re looking for protein, there are better ways to get it, like consuming a bag of our Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper rinds.

Trends are funny and fickle, but what tastes good, tastes good. Make your own trend with Southern Recipe Small Batch. Why not have everyone follow you?

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