Two Fingers My Amigos…

Southern Recipe Small Batch loves pairings and National Tequila Day on July 24th will be a grand one for food and drink.

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Southern Recipe Small Batch thinks the agave plant is a message from the heavens that we should be happy. We can make life happier with a few suggestions on what to serve with Mexico’s number one export.

pork rinds and guac

  • • Don’t trip up on the dips. Make the margarita salt around your rim really mean something when you pair your tequila with this Guacamole Dip. Pair the dip with our Pineapple Ancho Chile rinds and “No Way, Jose” becomes “Yes, Jose is my best friend. He can spend the night”.
  • • Enjoy the sunrise. A good Tequila Sunrise is truly something to behold. When you pair it with Macon (GA) Bacon Salsa it really transforms into a beauty. There’s nothing better to use as your dipping tool than our Spicy Dill rinds. Do it before the sun sets!
  • • Major Mojito! Say that five times fast! For Mojito’s, we like to mix our regions and serve up Luau Pig Poppers. Although instead of using regular old pork rinds, we mix it up and use our Korean Kimchi BBQ as the crust. You’ll get why this flavor profile is “major” in a heartbeat, and why we all should be saying “Mojito” more regularly.

Happy National Tequila Day! Southern Recipe Small Batch reminds everyone to drink responsibly.

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