These Apps Will Have Your Friends Saying, “That’s a Pork Rind”

Whether you’re binge-watching the winter Olympics or hanging low after a night of binging of another kind, don’t forget to replenish your energy with a few tasty rind recipes that will leave your friends saying, “this is made with pork rinds?”

No-Carb Meatballs
This appetizer says “no” to bread crumbs and “yes” to flavor.  The not-so-secret is adding Small Batch Salt and Cracked Pepper pork rinds. Find the recipe here.

Parmesan Crusted Chicken Wings
We all love wings, but sometimes you want to step away from the me-too ordinary and lay down an app that goes the distance. And by using Korean Kimchi BBQ pork rinds, you’ll add just the right amount of kick. Find the recipe here.

Stick It To Frying
You love mozzarella sticks, but you don’t want to smell like a fry cook. The beauty of this recipe? These sticks use Small Batch Pineapple Ancho Chile pork rinds as the coating, and you bake ’em instead of frying ’em. Find the recipe for these cheesy sticks here.

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