The Art of Mixing Veggies and Rinds

Yep. Your Vegetarian, Vegan, and even Flexitarian friends may be on you about your Southern Recipe Small Batch habit, but what do they know? It’s time to turn the table and show them your rinds go great with their lettuce and carrot eating ways.

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Adding a punch of protein to your favorite veggie dishes is easy with just a few delicious ideas and twists to your recipes.

Go greens.
Get out the spinach, collards, bok choy, and even kale. Sauté the leafy goodness for a short time with garlic and then fold in some pork rinds. There’s a reason O-M-G was coined and it’s because of this dish.

Viva Mexico.
kimchi pork rinds Let your veggie loving friends bring over their guacamole and salsa, but instead of grabbing a flimsy carrot stick, break open a bag of pork rinds. Your dipping power increases and you gain a level.

Huge up the hummus.
Let’s face it. Blended chickpeas can use a little love. The blah can be biffed with a bag of our rinds. Try Southern Recipe Small Batch Kimchi BBQ flavored rinds and let the dipping begin! Your night just lit up with firework propelled kites and stars that look 3 times bigger than before.

Any veggie dish can use the grace that the pork rind offers. Make your taste buds sing with some of our recipes here.

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