Take a Hike with #SRSB

Go Big or Go Home!

Have you ever heard of the Triple Crown? Yeah, there’s the one that involves horses, hats and certain adult beverages, but the Triple Crown we’re talking about is a hiker’s dream!

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So if you’re like us, we want it all-taste, flavor, snap and majesty. Southern Recipe Small Batch doesn’t just demand it from our pork rinds, but we demand it from life. When we hike, it’s no different. We want the best of the best and hiking’s Triple Crown provides it all (well, maybe not the snap unless you have our Spicy Dill Pork Rinds along for protein power).

Are you ready to go? We are! Plan your journey and pack your Southern Recipe Small Batch provisions (aka pork rinds!) A little traveling does the heart good.

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