“Sports” that Packed a Crunch

We love that baseball is here. We could go on and on about RBI’s, Home Runs, and pinch hitters, but how about the obscure sports that were once “official”?

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Over the years, the Olympics have been talked into all sorts of odd sports. Maybe it wasn’t like the inclusion of baseball in 1902 (although, even America’s favorite pastime didn’t become official until 1992), but take a look at some of these obscure sports.

Dodge and splash.
The 1900 Olympics saw the inclusion of a swimming obstacle race. Swimmers were required to swim and climb over a pole and over a line of row boats and then under yet another line of row boats. Fred Lane of Austria took home the Gold.

Dig in and watch for Rope Burns.
spicy dill pork rinds 1900-1920 saw the Olympics hosting Tug of War. Why did this sport ever go away? We’re still proud of the Milwaukee Athletics Club who took home the 1904 gold for team USA!

Let’s get wet.
1900 was a strange year for the Olympics. Underwater Swimming was a real event. Uh, guys…don’t you have to go underwater to swim anyway?

This event was basically a “hold your breath and go” sort of competition where over a 60 meter course, competitors gained two points for every meter they stayed under the waves. France won.

Play ball if you must, but we can’t resist the call of disc golf or when the Olympics will recognize robot battles as their next official event. Whatever you do or happen to watch, take Southern Recipe Small Batch with you! We crave excitement just like you do!

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