Sippin’ Bourbon While Dippin’ Rinds

National Bourbon Day and Southern Recipe Small Batch are the perfect pairing partner for a tasting party. There’s nothing more American than Bourbon (well, maybe Apple Pie), and Southern Recipe Pork Rinds.

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So what do eat with the drink, and drink with eat? Let find out.

Bourbon is a southern drink so it pairs well with southern food. No wonder Southern Recipe Small Batch is a shoo-in for parings.

pork rinds• It’s a Family Tradition. Traditional bourbon is the sweetest bourbon of the bunch. The sweeter the flavor profile, the better. Jim Beam is a good example of a traditional bourbon. Our Pineapple Ancho Chile is a good choice to pair with this American dandy. You’ll never be on the rocks with this choice. 38% of consumers said a new flavor launch to their snack brings them the most joy. 30% of people said spicy flavors are a big deciding factor for their purchase.

• A Shot of Rye? High-rye bourbon is an excellent choice in any glass. As the name suggests, it contains a higher amount of rye and is spicier and dryer than a traditional bourbon. You want strong spicy flavors to pair with this one. A good example of a high-rye would be Bulleit. Our Korean Kimchi BBQ rinds will make you a happy camper with your high-rye swill.

• Drink your Wheaties. Smoother and softer, high wheat bourbon is made with a higher amount of wheat than traditional bourbon and is very mild. With the kind of earthiness it possesses, you don’t want something bland to pair with it, but you don’t want your food to be too powerful either. Marker’s Mark is great example of a high wheat bourbon. Try our Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper rinds to go along with it’s smoothness.

No matter the pour, Southern Recipe Small Batch has the perfect pork rind to pair with your bourbon! Enjoy and please drink responsibility!

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