Red, White and Burger…

There’s nothing Southern Recipe Small Batch loves more than a 4th of July party!

Let’s get serious about partying and make some fireworks for your holiday get-together!

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So, how do we make the perfect patriotic party? Southern Recipe Small Batch can light the fuse to get you started.

  • • Red, White and Slinging the Blues. Make your holiday party colorful! The colors of our country can thread their way through all your dishes. Using the other white meat can make your patriotic palate explode with a neutral start. Our Korean Kimchi BBQ and Pineapple Ancho Chile can add a touch of red. And for blue, may we suggest this Royal Blue Cocktail? We love America!
  • • Salute the Pinterest. Pinterest is still the best place to dive into your party’s decoration politics. Whether it’s making a quick and easy American flag instagram photo booth, or DIY American Flag lanterns, Pinterest is full of ideas that make a July 4th party into an all day festival. Here’s a great place to begin your search for fun and shenanigans.
  • • Increase the Pork! Try this big beautiful burger with pork served 3 ways!

Be the president of your party because there’s nothing more red, white and blue than Southern Recipe Small Batch pork rinds.

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