Mums the Word on These Rum Swaps

Cooler Weather Means ... Rum.


Ahhh, cooler weather. What comes to mind? That’s what we’re saying … rum. We know rum has a bit of a reputation (like you haven’t heard that before). But believe us when we say, move over Dad, this spirit is hotter than any toddy he could ever dream up.

Often stereotyped as a sweet treat best suited for umbrella drinks, there’s so much more to it. Good rum can be sipped neat and mixed into drinks that cover every corner of the bar. And what many people don’t know is that aged rum acts as a perfect stand-in for good old whiskey. Check out these old time favs with an added Southern Recipe Small Batch rum twang.

If you’re tired of the same Old Fashioned, this is the drink to spice things up. Dark aged rum stands in for whiskey. The kicker? Adding habanero shrub takes things up a spicy notch, while the agave nectar adds the sweetness and balance you deserve.

Who needs a twist on the perfect Manhattan? You do. Using dark Jamaican rum in place of whiskey gives a similar flavor profile but is much dryer than a traditional Manhattan.

Fall in love with this spiced rum swap out with the classic whiskey Hot Toddy. This is an upgrade to the classic cold-weather favorite – sort of like upgrading Small Batch with the me-too snacks on the shelves.





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