Master of Your Campsite

Who’s ready for some camping? Southern Recipe Small Batch is packing, parking and pitching. We may not be able to rule the whole great outdoors, but we can be the master of our tent.

We’ll help get you there without becoming a burly lumberjack in the process.

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You can rough it, but there are a few essentials that will make camping much less trying and more enjoyable. Over-packing Southern Recipe Small Batch is a given, but the following tips will help everyone smile wider and get wild quicker.

camping geat and pork rinds

  • Gimme Shelter. Your shelter is your home away from home. Whether you are in a tent, lean-too, cabin or making your vehicle your domain, make sure it’s secure, safe, and stupendous. Stay downwind of your fire pit. Don’t go overboard on your size of tent. An area rug on the tent floor can do wonders. You can also use an inflatable mattress to keep that back healthy.
  • Burn, Baby, Burn. One of the hardest things to do at any campsite is to start the fire. To make it easy on yourself, do a little prep. Make sure the logs you use are dry. Cotton balls with a smear of petroleum jelly stored in a plastic bag make great fire starters. Cardboard toilet paper rolls filled with lint work well too. Don’t forget a lighter and have a back-up stash of matches on hand.
  • Forest Food. Everyone knows that cooking on a open flame is the best. Plan ahead so you can make meals quick, and with less prep time. Make sure you have the proper cookware. Look for cooking utensils that have a variety of uses that can be used for more than just poking meat around a campfire. Stock up on snacks, like Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper rinds (or make them the star of meal). And make sure to use plastic containers to deter our forest friends from getting into a meal bag.

Are you ready to rough it? Southern Recipe Small Batch is!

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