Life Hack Your Wellness During National Nutrition Month

We’re all in for National Nutrition Month, but of course we don’t do anything conventionally around here! Here are a few ways to bring your body into check by doing things a bit differently.

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We all know that our pork rinds are high protein, low carb and gluten free, but did you know nutrition starts with the mind? Here are our four favorite ways to relax and keep the mind healthy.

Clear your head.
You would be surprised by how much your thoughts are getting in your way. You can zap your energy levels by indulging in internal negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. Reframe your thoughts to positive ones. Don’t burn up nutrients thinking bad thoughts and self-defeating prophecies!

Downward your dog.
What goes with Southern Recipe Small Batch Pork Rinds? Yoga. Seriously. Yoga can help the body manage nutrients in a new and better way by manipulating muscles and allowing them to relax. It’s a release that helps your metabolism increase and be more effective.

Let loose with leg movement under the table and the tapping of your fingers on the dashboard. If you fidget, you are using a concept called non-exercise activity thermogenesis. Your restless manner is actually boosting your metabolic rate, which in turn, allows your body to process nutrients better.

ice waterChill.
Make it chilly by lowering the thermostat and drinking cold water. The cold reduces inflammation- and studies have shown that you burn more calories! Again, your anatomy responds by saying, “Hey, guy, thanks!” and uses nutrients to the fullest extent.

Eating properly helps, but using these hacks will help your bag of bones be a lean, mean, nutrient laden machine. Find out more about the beauty of the mighty pork rind here.

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