Investing Tips from #SRSB

Investing made ... Squirrel!

Aside from buying stock in Southern Recipe Small Batch Pork Rinds, what are some ideas about ways to save and secure a retirement made on pretty-awesome easy street?

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We’ve all heard the stories: millennials are as flaky about their money as a pork rind pie crust, but Southern Recipe Small Batch knows better and so does Forbes. We just may be a bit more imaginative about long term investing and money making ideas.

We all want to save money – no bones about it. Retirement riches can be just as delicious as an open bag of Korean Kimchi BBQ Pork Rinds (and creative too). Here are a few ideas to make your golden years as colorful as a bowl of Pineapple Ancho Chile pork rinds.

  • Collecting the ka-ching.
    What’s hot is not, unless it’s old. Buy as many Star Wars, Marvel toys, and comics as you can. When your silver hair starts to sprout, sell-sell-sell! We can’t guarantee a return on your investment, but if you have several rocket firing Boba Fett’s, we would say, “Hello, Rich Boy!”
  • Graphic content.
    The internet is always serving up different ways to digest content. Who would have thought digital glitter would make someone rich? Or how about pixels? Figure out the future and ride a wave of content and contentment after buying Adobe Photoshop, of course.
  • Never be alone when you rock.
    1975 was a great year for Gary Dahl. Why? Because he made millions selling something from his own backyard. Gary invented and sold the pet rock. Although you’ll have to come up with something new, no one likes to be alone and what better friend can your imagination render? How about an animal kingdom made from Southern Recipe Small Batch pork rinds? You can make it happen.

As always, make sure you consult with a financial professional before you make any sort of leap. Meet over a bag Southern Recipe Small Batch. They may even give you a discount for sharing.

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