You Don’t Know Your Whiskey as Well as You Think You Do

Pork Rinds and Alchool

Nothing screams “ultimate gentleman sophistication” more than gathering with friends, drinking some whiskey and solving the problems of the world. Serve your friends with style and impress them with your knowledge of whiskey.  Our “Get Apple Jacked” cocktail is a good start, and then …

3 easy rules of thumb can get you there:

Choose Your Glass
If possible, always serve your whiskey in a glass. Metal or plastic can contaminate the whiskey and alter the flavor profile. A short tumbler will work, but a curved glass with a wide rim will allow the drinker to get the “nose” or unique smell of the whiskey.

Choose Your Ice
There are three different ways whiskey drinkers ask for ice in their beverages: Neat, ice or water. Neat means just the whiskey, no ice or water. Some snooty whiskey drinkers will insist this is the only way to consume whiskey, straight out of the bottle (bottoms up)! Adding water or ice will take the biting edge off the beverage and allowing you to get more flavor.

Choose Your Snacks
Maybe you want to down your whiskey, but it’s intended to be sipped and enjoyed. Providing snacks that highlight your whiskey’s flavor profile will impress your friends.

American and Canadian whiskey tends to be sweeter than its whiskey counterparts. Pair it with a sweet snack like Southern Recipe Small Batch Pineapple Ancho Chile Pork Rinds. Scotch whiskey is bold, and needs a strong flavor to match. For us, that’s when we reach for the Southern Recipe Small Batch Kimchi BBQ Pork Rinds.

Have your friends come over, watch March Madness and sip on some fine whiskey. Need snacks in a snap? Order Small Batch Pork Rinds straight to your door here!

We’re starting a snacking revolution and we’re calling upon the snackers who won’t stand for tiny, three-bite packs any longer. Southern Recipe Small Batch is all about flavor. BOLD flavor. And fuel. The kind that can actually get you through a grueling workout or through an afternoon drag at the office.

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