Craft Pork Rinds Come to the Midwest

Southern Recipe Small Batch Pork Rinds Become Available to Schnucks Grocery Store Shoppers

Lawrenceville, GA (February 8, 2017) – Southern Recipe Small Batch is proud to announce the launch of its distinctive line of pork rinds in Schnucks grocery stores. As an authentic, hand crafted, small batch pork rind snack delivering unique flavor for those looking for a better-for-you alternative, Southern Recipe Small Batch pork rinds are designed specifically for today’s discerning consumer. Giving Schnucks consumers a taste of a brand previously sold exclusively in the Southern United States, snackers throughout Schucks’ more than 90 supermarkets in St. Louis and the Midwestern United States will now be to able to try Southern Recipe Small Batch at an SRP of $3.99 for each 4 oz. bag.

Since calling Texas home in 2016, Southern Recipe Small Batch pork rinds have captured the hearts of local consumers. Southern Recipe Small Batch pork rinds offer distinctive flavors, such as Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper, Korean Kimchi BBQ, Spicy Dill and Pineapple Ancho Chile, crafted by hand with clean ingredients. The authentic recipe for Southern Recipe Small Batch pork rinds, attain the texture and genuine small batch flavor consumers crave with a fraction of the guilt. By popping each rind in heart-healthy sunflower oil and dusting it with bold spices and flavor blends, every 4 oz. bag of pork rinds offers a snack with the taste of indulgence and 8 grams of protein. Furthermore, Southern Recipe Small Batch pork rinds are gluten free, lower in sodium and full of flavor, with no artificial anything.

“Southern Recipe Small Batch’s growth has inspired us to bring our snacking expertise and distinctive, handcrafted flavors to a broader reach of consumers,” Mark Singleton, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Rudolph Foods. “We’re proud to work with Schnucks to bring such a beloved product to shoppers in the Midwest.”

Southern Recipe Small Batch pork rinds speak to the selective consumer, those currently driving food trends. Because such shoppers are keenly focused on the statement their food is making, they are constantly searching for brands that speak to their values. Foods denoted as “small batch” suggest the product is made with care, attention and skill. This ultimately puts the power back into the consumer’s hands, as it gives them a reason to trust the brand. Southern Recipe Small Batch does just this, with an innovative approach to producing the favored snack of the South, the pork rind, with intentional ingredients and intentional processes.

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