Boredom takes a hike…

Summer is finally here and Southern Recipe Small Batch wants you to know that July has been designated Anti-Boredom Month. Are you ready to celebrate with us?

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Without the structure of school or work, boredom can settle in faster than the closed circular movements of a fidget spinner. We all need challenges and change to rise above the dullness and Southern Recipe Small Batch is no different. “Ho hum” can become “Oh Yum!” with vacation variation.

  • • Work Out Woes. Boredom comes with burn out and nothing can deliver burn out faster than the repetition of the same moves. Break free of your routine and try something new. Make time to learn a sport you haven’t done before, change up your weight training for cardio, or impress us all with your street dancing. A little difference can make things engaging again. We’re changing things up in the kitchen. Check us out here.

  • • The Same Old Gang. So your friends seem to be getting a little stale? It’s up to you to up the ante in your relationships. Institute a game night. Play games you have never played before. Visit the bar you’ve all been talking about but never seem to get to. Or do something crazy together like Bubble Ball Extreme Soccer. Make it fun and those friendships will stay fresh enough to last a lifetime.
  • • Spin Your Palate. It’s time to change the seasonings of your life. Brighten and broaden your palate by trying new flavors and taste combinations. Don’t be scared to let your tongue take one step forward so it can leap into a culinary crush of adventurous snacking. Start with our Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper rinds and design a dish to delight. You can do it.

Put the bam on boredom. Southern Recipe Small Batch will help you tame the tedious!


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