Bite Into This Thanksgiving Tradition

A Fine Time For A New Rind Tradition

We all have traditions … from college traditions (don’t tell mom) to holiday traditions. But who said you couldn’t start your own new and improved traditions? At Southern Recipe Small Batch we started a snacking revolution, so we’re all behind the fight for “new” over “old.”


And the perfect time for new conquering “old” is at Thanksgiving. You love our Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper rinds, so how about making your Thanksgiving stuffing with this recipe that’ll beat all other dishes at the table? Ever tried cornbread with a sweet and spicy tang? You can now when you use our Pineapple Ancho Chili Pork Rinds as the secret ingredient in your cornbread mix.

Take home the prize for most unique, and take home the trophy for starting a tradition that’s all you!

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