Big Wheels Keep on Rollin’…

Southern Recipe Small Batch is ready to celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Month!

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Truck drivers. We see ’em every day. And we all secretly think it would be an adventure to be on a long haul coast-to-coast. Ok, maybe that’s pushing it. But really, if we told you 90% of everything you own was delivered by a truck driver, would you believe it? Of course you would, Small Batch Lovers don’t lie.

That’s the story behind Truck Driver Appreciation Month. It’s at least a month we acknowledge these hard working drivers of commerce. And really, there are lots of ways to appreciate these Warriors of the Road … plus you’ll be entered for a chance to win $2,500 cash.

How can you win?

pork rinds and guac

  1. Snap a picture of a truck driver you know and enter it in our Rig on the Road Contest (you’ll probably want to get their permission first, just sayin’)
  2. Share this contest with your friends (yes, you’ll still have a chance to win cash)
  3. Just by entering you’ll help out a worthy charity – The St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund.

Thank the American Truck Driver and join in on the convoy.

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