The Best Cuts of Meat You’ve Been Overlooking

In an age when protein powder comes by the bucketful and recipes are beefed up with a scoop of it hidden in a batter of flour, chocolate and sugar, we’re putting our foot down.

Don’t we deserve something real? (The answer is ‘yes’.)

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We’re about so much more than adding a punch of protein to your favorite indulgent dessert. This Fall marks the start of real ingredients and a real dedication to mindful eating. These three cuts of meat are the ones you might have overlooked … but we’re bringing them back.

Protein powder’s got nothing on these picks. Pair ‘em with your favorite rinds for a meal you’ll have no other choice but to Instagram:

  1. Pork Skirt Steak. You’ll find this uncommon cut of pork at the butcher’s. It’s a lean cut that quick-cooking and great for taco night. Bonus! It’s cheaper than that pricey steak you might be drooling over at the grocery store each week. Speaking of tacos … this is where Taco Tuesday’s at. You’ll never have FOMO again.
  2. Chuck Steak. We’re not making burgers with ground chuck. No, we’re keeping the steak in tact for that taste you crave and that price tag you can get on board with. A little salt and pepper go a long way flavor-wise. This is true simplicity where protein’s concerned.
  3. Teres Major. This awesome cut of beef is also known as faux filet, but there’s nothing fake about it. If you’re a beef tenderloin lover, this is the cut you need to go for: cheaper than a tenderloin, lean and tender.

Every dish could use the grace that the almighty pork rind offers. Make your taste buds sing with some of our favorite recipes here (no protein powder needed).

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