All Is Fair in BBQ and Pork Rinds

If there’s one thing we love besides pork rinds, it’s a good BBQ. Southern Recipe Small Batch will be sponsoring expert BBQer and buddy, Will at the Comal County Fair in New Braunfels, Texas. He’ll participate in the BBQ Cook Off , September 21st and the 22nd … with our pork rinds fueling him all the way, of course!

This will be the 15th annual Comal County Fair, and the BBQ Cook Off starts off the Fair in the best way, filling the air with smells of grilled food, a competitive atmosphere and delicious pork rinds. Will’s BBQ team will be competing for the championship and title of best BBQ cooker!

In the area? Stop by and support Will’s BBQ Team and try some Southern Recipe Small Batch pork rinds on us!

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