Are you a Becky? Or a Beyoncé?


When you go to your next hangout, just answer one question: Are you a Becky or a Beyoncé? If you’re a Becky, you drift toward the one-note, easy drinks of rum and coke or vodka cranberry. There are a thousand and one girls with those drinks out there.

Becky? Or Beyonce? I choose to be a #queen with these handcrafted cocktails. Thanks, #SouthernRecipeSmallBatch for these! Click to Tweet

Be Beyoncé, and channel your inner queen. Stand out with signature, unique drinks that will have your friends wanting what you’re having, and then some.

Handcrafted, signature and rulers of them all, check out these drinks that will define the Becky’s from the Beyoncé’s:

5 mixed drinks

Get Apple Jacked! Midnight Sun Martini Queen City Cooler Blueberry Muddle Pineapple Cobbler

Every handcrafted drink needs a food pairing to bring it to the next level! Pair yours with our handcrafted Southern Recipe Small Batch Pork Rinds.

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