Crunch your Keto Diet

Summer is almost over, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your #summerbody. Keto diets are trending , offering people ways to eat their favorite fatty foods but still shed the pounds.

However, this also means they can’t eat their favorite carb-loaded foods and sugary snacks. Many people who are on this diet miss the satisfying “crunch” factor from the foods they can no longer eat. Here are a few foods people on the Keto diet can still eat that will also give you that crunch!

FINALLY! The crunch I’ve been missing has been found with my Keto diet! Look out, naysayers, I’ve still got this. #Power #ICanDoThis #SummerBody #KetoDiet #PorkRindCrunch Click to Tweet

Nuts – These are great for the Keto diet, but only in moderation and only certain types. Pecans, Macadamia, Brazil Nuts, Almonds and Hazelnuts are all acceptable crunch choices.

Raw Vegetables – These may not have the flavor you crave, but it will give you a satisfying crunch. Don’t cook some of the vegetables you have in your fridge and save them for when you need something different. Not only will the texture be different, but raw vegetables contain more vitamins and minerals than their cooked counterparts.

Pork Rinds – These snacks are perfect for the Keto diet because they are a high protein and low carb treat. Get all the flavor and the crunch you crave with Southern Recipe Small Batch Korean Kimchi BBQ pork rinds.

Pickles – Find a crunchy (but better tasting) version of your vegetables with pickled options. These can be more than just pickles, look for other options like pickled okra, pickled beets or pickled cauliflower. Looking for a Keto twist? Fry ‘em up with a coating of crushed Southern Recipe Small Batch Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper.

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