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Drink Beer Day

Bottoms Up This National Drink Beer Day

Cheers! National Drink Beer Day is September 28th and we’re celebrating by grabbing some ice cold brews with friends. While the beer is the star of this holiday, what snacks you’re pairing with that beer are a close second.

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Up On The Rocks for Martini Day

Sometimes, it’s okay to enjoy the finer things in life. Upgrade your summer drink from a beer in a bottle to something that screams “I don’t settle for the common”. What better way to do that than on National Martini Day? Here’s our recipe for a Midnight Sun Martini.

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Amp Up Summer with Casual Snackpacking

As we venture across this great protein loving country, we’re visiting live events that jive with our summer Snackpacking vibe. Do you think you can guess where we are heading next?

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chips no pork rinds yes

3 Ways to Convince Your Friends to Eat Pork Rinds, Not Chips

Here are three RIND-tastic reasons your friends should skip the chip:

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Unique (but Perfect) Mother’s Day Gifts

You’ve done it all before. Flowers? Check! The same scented candle as last year? Check! Gift card to the spa? Check! How about something exciting for once.

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sundress thumb

Shake Those Winter Blues with These Four Habits

While you’re always willing to better yourself and get motivated, sometimes it’s helpful to have a little outside influence. Here are some science-backed tips on how to move in the right direction toward fully embracing this summer in little ways.

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Are you a Becky? Or a Beyoncé?

When you go to your next hangout, just answer one question: Are you a Becky or a Beyoncé? Handcrafted, signature and rulers of them all, check out these drinks that will define the Becky’s from the Beyoncé’s:

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pork rinds and drink pairing

Gift Guide for the Foodie In Your Life

Everyone has that friend that’s a self-proclaimed foodie. They have an Instagram filled with food shots and are game to eat anything that looks different or new.

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Pork and Sauerkraut Balls

Best Appetizers for Your Next Holiday Potluck

It’s time for holiday potlucks, but you’ve already made your go-to appetizers twice and you’re running out of ideas. Here are some ideas that are sure to please … at least more than Becky’s store-bought dips.

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Scratch to win game

What Could You Do with $2,500?

Imagine if you suddenly won $2,500. What would you spend that money doing? Try our online scratch off game for a chance to win and make those dreams a reality.

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Mac and Cheese with pork rind crust

Best. Friendsgiving. Ever!

It’s that time of year! While some are already pulling out their Christmas decorations, others are getting ready for the next holiday: Thanksgiving. One of the truest foodie holidays, make sure you bring something special to your Friendsgiving.

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Southwest Chili with Pork Rinds

Ultimate Tailgate Snacks That Scores A Touchdown

Whether it’s at your friend’s house or at the game, tailgating is serious business. These recipes can help keep the party going, at least until the next touchdown.

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Pork Rind Encrusted Salmon

Surf and Turf Remix: Pork Rind Oven Fried Salmon

Steak and fish are the classic surf and turf dish, but what if you’re looking for something different to surprise your friends or family? Level up your game with this Pork Rind Oven Fried Salmon recipe.

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Scratch to Win prizes

Get In With The Greats To Win

Help us celebrate Pork Rind Appreciation Day this year and you could win big for the Big Game! Scratch to win for a chance at $2,500, plus awesome instant prizes!

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All Is Fair in BBQ and Pork Rinds

If there’s one thing we love besides pork rinds, it’s a good BBQ. We will be sponsoring expert BBQer and buddy, Will at the Comal County Fair in New Braunfels, Texas. He’ll participate in the BBQ Cook Off … with our pork rinds fueling him all the way, of course!

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Truck Driver Appreciation Week is Here!

Truckers are a major resource for every grocery store, restaurant and food service provider. It’s about time we took a moment to say ‘thank you’ with a contest for Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

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Belly Up To The Bar With Easy Recipes

Learn how to handcraft your own special cocktail with our step-by-step videos. Don't be afraid to bartend! Show off those skills with ease, because we are here to help every step of the way. This includes bringing snacks!

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Crunch your Keto Diet

Keto diets are trending in the diet world, offering people ways to eat their favorite fatty foods but still shed the pounds. However, many people who are on this diet complain missing the satisfying “crunch” factor from the foods they can no longer eat. Here are a few foods people on the Keto diet will love!

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Put the Pedal to the Kettle – For a Chance to Win!

Help Southern Recipe Small Batch spread the word about Truck Drivers' health issues they face on the road by voting in our contest Pedal to the Kettle.

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tequila day

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila … Happiness!

Let’s celebrate this special elixir from Mexico with a bold Southern Recipe Small Batch Pork Rind crunch that's worthy of the agave you're sipping.

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bacon and eggs pork rind dip

Seeing Is Believing: Videos that Bite

Ok, we get it. Those Chopped chefs can cook. Really well. But when it comes to the bold taste of rinds, they won't be able to stand up to our tasty recipes using Southern Recipe Small Batch Pork Rinds.

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mac and cheese with crunch

3 Recipes Made for July 4th That Will Light Up Your Party

Make this year memorable by bringing great dishes to your dinner party or family cookout that everyone will enjoy.

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Bold New Flavors for a Bold New You

Southern Recipe Small Batch is proud to announce three new flavors to the pork rind family!

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Handcrafted pork rind and alcohol

Handcrafted Martini for Handcrafted Pork Rinds

Bring your "A" game this summer by preparing this Midnight Sun Martini for your friends at the next BBQ.

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Grill Out With These Kabab Recipes

What’s one of the first things you think about when grilling season starts? For us, it’s kebabs (well, that and pork rinds)! They’re a great way to mix and match everyone’s favorite vegetables, meats and fruits for the perfect juicy and delicious meal.

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cracklin cornbread

Grill Master’s Top 5 BBQ Sides

Summer’s coming, and your friends are breaking out their grills for the season’s first BBQ cookout. Don’t worry if you’re not the grill master, here are some great side dish ideas to bring along (Hey, no one likes an empty handed guest).

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grill to thrill sweepstakes

Win Big, Snack Bigger

We're celebrating National BBQ month, and you could win $1000 and SRSB pork rinds!

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grilled watermelon

So You Think You Can Grill? Try These Unique BBQ Dishes!

It’s almost summer time, which means it’s time to warm up the grill for BBQ Month! Check out these unique and delicious ideas to start the BBQ season strong, and some suggestions for sides.

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How to Step Up Your Food Instagram Game

Food is one of the most common things liked and shared on Instagram. Want to step up your Instagram game by taking better food shots? Use the following tips and your followers are sure to notice!

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beer and pork rind pairing

Beer and Food Pairings That Are Sure To Impress

National Home Brewing Day is here! Crafting your own beverage can be a fun and exciting hobby. But one of the biggest questions is not what beer to make, but what are you going to serve it with? Take your beer flavor profile to the next level with these pairing tips.

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moscow mule and pork rinds

Rock at Making a Moscow Mule

Knowing how to make a few cocktail drinks is a great skill that can serve you well. Be the "star of the party" by making your friends a few drinks. The Moscow Mule is a simple, but delicious cocktail that is easy to learn. Check out our video for an amazing step-by-step guide on how to rock this drink:

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3 whiskey rules - glass, ice, snacks

You Don’t Know Your Whiskey as Well as You Think You Do

Nothing screams “ultimate gentleman sophistication” more than gathering with friends, drinking some whiskey and solving the problems of the world. Serve your friends with style and impress them with your knowledge of whiskey.

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March Madness Betting in the Office…OH YES!

March Madness is here. What better way to celebrate than with your co-workers? A little friendly competition and potential prizes will make work fun and bring your colleagues closer together. Here are three ideas to spice up office life with your March Madness bets!

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Wine and Pork Rinds

No More Whining About Wine

Pair your next dinner and wine together like a pro with this guide on wine and food pairings.

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These Apps Will Have Your Friends Saying, “That’s a Pork Rind”

Appetizers that will wow your friends and family. Put a twist on classic recipes by adding a flavor packed pork rind to the mix.

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Pork Rinds … the Real “Breakfast of Champions”

Bring your favorite snack to the breakfast table! Pork rinds are a great source of protein that will kick off your day the right way!

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Rollin’ Into a New … New Year

Now that you've settled into your new year routines, it's time to look to the next new year ... the Chinese New Year. Start the new year out right ... again.

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Warm Your Heart With A Warm Vacation

You love getting way to a beach getaway and relaxing, but what if you could make a difference while enjoying the beautiful scenery?

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We don’t doubt you’ll love this snack

By definition, a skeptic is a person who questions or doubts facts and doesn't accept the "given". This can’t be you … can it?

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Find Resolve in These New Year Resolutions

Regardless of what resolution you commit to, the goal is to improve life in the coming year. Here are a few resolutions starters we're on board with ...

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Dance Like You Mean It

We honor all the football celebratory end zone dancers of all time with an easy way for you to win cash. Read on to win.

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Handcrafted Pork Rinds Meet Handcrafted Cocktails

Some of us learn by reading. Some prefer to watch and learn. Still, others just want to watch and drink. Doesn't matter the reason, you'll love our exclusive handcrafted cocktail videos.

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Mums the Word on These Rum Swaps

Ahhh, cooler weather. What comes to mind? Rum. We know rum has a bit of a reputation (like you haven't heard that before). But believe us when we say, this spirit is hotter than any toddy he could ever dream up.

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Bite Into This Thanksgiving Tradition

We all have traditions ... from college traditions (don't tell mom) to holiday traditions. But who said you couldn't start your own new and improved traditions?

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Scruffy Is In This Month!

Time to get scruffy all you Small Batch rind lovers ... it's No-Shave November and you could win!

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bacon bloody mary

Pork Rinds … the Better Brother of Pork

It's National Pork Month ... bust out the Small Batch and get your pork on.

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Bottoms up

Southern Recipe Small Batch loves food holidays and this one is one we really can pour our hearts into.

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Celebrate the fruits of your Labor …

Labor Day is one of Southern Recipe Small Batch favorite holidays!

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Whiskey and Rinds….

Whiskey Sour Day!

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The Best Cuts of Meat You’ve Been Overlooking

In an age when protein powder comes by the bucketful and recipes are beefed up with a scoop of it hidden in a batter of flour, chocolate and sugar, we’re putting our foot down.

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Big Wheels Keep on Rollin’…

Southern Recipe Small Batch is ready to celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Month!

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Two Fingers My Amigos…

Southern Recipe Small Batch loves pairings and National Tequila Day on July 24th will be a grand one for food and drink.

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Boredom takes a hike…

Summer is finally here and Southern Recipe Small Batch wants you to know that July has been designated Anti-Boredom Month. Are you ready to celebrate with us?

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Red, White and Burger…

There’s nothing Southern Recipe Small Batch loves more than a 4th of July party!

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Master of Your Campsite

Who’s ready for some camping? Southern Recipe Small Batch is packing, parking and pitching. We may not be able to rule the whole great outdoors, but we can be the master of our tent. We’ll help get you there without becoming a burly lumberjack in the process.

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Dad’s Love Rinds!

What are your plans for #dad this #fathersday? #cook up something for him featuring SRSB as a crispy crust. The #recipe ideas are endless!

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What’s Trending in Snacking … Pork Rinds!

There’s no doubt that snacking has changed. Southern Recipe Small Batch is proud to be part of a growing trend of different ingredients, healthier options and increased snacking flavor.

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Sippin’ Bourbon While Dippin’ Rinds

National Bourbon Day and Southern Recipe Small Batch are the perfect pairing partner for a tasting party. There’s nothing more American than Bourbon and Southern Recipe Small Batch Pork Rinds.

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Take a Hike with #SRSB

Have you ever heard of the Triple Crown? Yeah, there’s the one that involves horses, hats and certain adult beverages, but the Triple Crown we’re talking about is a hiker’s dream!

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Investing Tips from #SRSB

Aside from buying stock in Southern Recipe Small Batch Pork Rinds, what are some ideas about ways to save and secure a retirement made on pretty-awesome easy street?

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Taco Tuesday & the Daily Rind

You can guess what our go-to-food is (which should be yours too). But what if we told you there was a way to infuse all of our favorite staples with one simple ingredient that would let the taste bud town flavor fountain flow unhampered?

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Abba was Right

Southern Recipe Small Batch is the unofficial sponsor of April 23rd. Why? Because it’s National Take a Chance Day! If you’ve ever wanted to do or try something different, this is the day to do it.

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“Sports” that Packed a Crunch

We love that baseball is here. We could go on and on about RBI’s, Home Runs, and pinch hitters, but how about the obscure sports that were once "official"?

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Me Like Rinds, Me No Caveman!

We love pork rinds. We would bathe in them if we could. Yes, we really would. We’ve heard through the grapevine that some folks think to like Southern Recipe Small Batch Pork Rinds, you have to be Paleo or a Neanderthal, but that’s not the case!

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Pairing of the Pork Rind for the Spring Fling

Spring is upon us, dear SRSB-er’s, and that means finally beating the cabin fever with get-togethers and maybe a beautiful booze-infused bash.

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The Art of Mixing Veggies and Rinds

Yep. Your Vegetarian, Vegan, and even Flexitarian friends may be on you about your Southern Recipe Small Batch habit, but what do they know? It’s time to turn the table and show them your rinds go great with their lettuce and carrot eating ways.

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Life Hack Your Wellness During National Nutrition Month

We’re all in for National Nutrition Month, but of course we don’t do anything conventionally around here! Here are a few ways to bring your body into check.

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Craft Pork Rinds Come to the Midwest

We're proud to announce the launch of our pork rinds in Schnucks.

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Commit to be Fit!!

The holidays are here and you get to watch the game and snack on nachos without consequence, right? Nope. Not how it works. Here are the three most effective ways to ditch the holiday slump and really lean in to your training schedule.

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Craft Beer and Food Pairing Guide

Since you look for the craft in everything, we decided to make it a bit easier for you. Craft beer meet craft food. It's that simple … now go out and enjoy.

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Manlier in Minutes

Sometimes, you just really need to be a man's man. Are we right? Tap into the side of you that rocks the looks you see in GQ, and eats oversized turkey legs with complete confidence like the kind from the Renaissance Festival (without judgment).

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Ask for What You Want

In a time when everyone’s encouraged to find their thing, it’s never been more important to #1 find yours and #2 stand out. Don’t fall into a pack mentality. Put your life into drive ... think of it like a bag of fresh popped, handcrafted pork rinds

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Modern Day Greens

One recipe you can make now (even if you haven't gone grocery shopping in 3 weeks). Either work has picked up, your gym sessions have gotten gnarlier or your professors are killing you this semester.

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Lazy Man’s Guide to Bomb Beef

Upgrade the classic hamburger with an extra boost of protein. Our Rude Burger, topped with rinds, requires some serious crunching!

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