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3 ways to commit to be fit ... even when the holidays hit

The holidays hit and you get to watch the game and snack on nachos without consequence, right? Nope. Not how it works. Oh, we didn’t surprise you, did we? Here are the three most effective ways to ditch the holiday slump and really lean in to your training schedule.

Tweet: Here are the 3 most effective ways to commit to your training schedule for the holidays. Via @southernrecipesmallbatch are the 3 most effective ways to commit to your training schedule for the holidays. Via @southernrecipesmallbatch

Step 1: Find a way to have fun with it.
Yeah, we get it. You're working hard, but can’t you have fun at the same time? The benefits reach beyond a killer gym session. Studies show that those who are externally motivated lose steam more easily.

The trick isn’t to work towards an event – like your High School reunion – but to work for yourself. Work towards a happier and healthier self.

Step 2: Trick your brain.
We know how tempting it can be to blow off the gym. Resist the urge to hang with friends and family by telling yourself you’ll commit to a (10 minute/ 15 minute/ 20 minute) workout. Chances are, you’ll want to keep going after you finish your mini session.

Step 3: Keep things interesting.
Reward yourself by treating your body well outside the gym. Different types of snacks keep things interesting and give you the variety you crave. If your go-to protein bar is getting boring, try something like Southern Recipe Small Batch Pork Rinds.

southern recipe small batch pork rinds

We bet you didn’t know they’re high protein and low carb ... learn about our generation’s better-for-you snack.

Feeling like you need a cold one to really kick back? Since you look for the craft in everything, we decided to make it a bit easier for you with these beer pairings.

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