Better for you

small batch pork rinds Find your next snack with Southern Recipe Small Batch Pork Rinds

What makes our rinds better?


You want a snack that’s low in carbs. You want a snack that’s high in healthy fats. You want a snack that gives you the crunch your ketogenic diet calls for. Need we say more? Pork rinds should be your new go-to. If you’re looking for more reasons to pick up a bag, check out our keto-friendly recipes and see how magical pork rinds can be.

Low Carb

High protein and low carb, Southern Recipe Small Batch pork rinds deliver flavor without taking away your right to a snack that packs a powerful crunch. We lost the carbs so you could lose the guilt.

Made with Sunflower Oil Flavor

The sunflower oil takes our small batch rinds to a new level and it's all part of our plan to deliver a satisfying crunch with consciously curated ingredients. In the meanwhile, boost your heart health, energy and immune system!

Gluten Free

Southern Recipe Small Batch pork rinds are naturally gluten free. But they're not your typical gluten free snack. They're packed with flavor! Pop open a bag - this is one gluten free rind to smile about.