small batch. big taste.

for us, there’s only one way to go:  forward.

We're starting a snacking revolution and we're calling upon the snackers who won't stand for tiny, three-bite packs any longer. Southern Recipe Small Batch is all about flavor. BOLD flavor. And fuel. The kind that can actually get you through a grueling workout or through an afternoon drag at the office.

where did these  ridiculous flavors  come from?

The heart that goes into our rinds doesn't make us health nuts ... it makes us pork rind lovers and snacking experts. Take it from us, you want your snacks cooked in sunflower oil and made in small batches. It's time to take your crunch to the next level.

Small Batch Pork Rind - Dill Pickle
Small Batch Pork Rind - Sweet and Spicy
Small Batch Pork Rind - Korean Barbecue